May 14, 2007 at 12:40 am (The Group, Trip 2007)


This blog is devoted to the stories and photographs of our up-coming trip to Kenya. Here, family and friends can see what we’re seeing, read about what we’re experiencing, and comment on our posts!!

It will be a beautiful trip. Keep in touch!


  1. Jane said,

    My affection and good wishes go with you all … I am really looking forward to visiting the blog every single day!

    The world already feels better … knowing that you are preparing to leave this evening to bring to and accept music from the children of Nairobi.

    Take care of yourselves and remember to be aware of your surroundings. Keep safe!


  2. peg codding said,

    Hi Everybody,

    You are graduates into a big world! Many plane hours have proven that. I am so happy for you as you are traveling to my favorite place on the planet and, finally doing it together. I am thinking about you as you begin this journey. My own efforts to get to Africa took many more years than it has taken you. Africa is the cradle of human life. Many believe it is where life first began. It is an ancient and wise place and people. I still feel the beauty of the people, languages, the music, the light and the stars.

    Make memories and change the world while you are there. I am certain that Africa, in her wisdom, will change you.

    Thinking of you!

    Peg Codding

  3. Julie Zigo said,

    Hi Again,

    I posted a group comment under Karen’s section…you know me and the computer!

    Julie 🙂

  4. Amanda's Dad said,

    Amanda — I’m sure it all seems like a dream, but you are beginning a path
    you cannot change. You (and the others) are learning lessons well beyond
    your years, and they will prepare you to lead efforts for many years to

    Just remember, helping one child or a 100 is important. But there
    are hundreds of thousands who need help. And the leadership you are
    developing can help change the course of international policy. We need
    young people who are skilled, caring and can change this world.

    I’m so proud of you and your group for making this happen. It is clear
    from the blog that your group is in shock at what you are experiencing.
    Tell us more–any chance of pictures?


  5. Robert said,

    I just finished reading the blog. Sounds like the trip is already so impactful that people are finding it difficult to adequately describe. The energy just about pops out of the page!

    I am sooooo impressed that you guys just “kept on truckin” with this, through all the setbacks and uncertainties. That’s power, Amanda…knowing, really knowing, that you can keep going when things are falling apart.

    The smiles must already be lighting the way. The irrepressible joy in children is so inspiring and the love they are giving you must feel so great.

  6. Dr. John Ziegler said,

    Finding a job is easy finding your passion is not so easy. You have found your passion. Sharing your spirit through music is universal.

    Great work;
    John Z.

  7. Mark Maestro said,

    What can I say Amanda.Is this the Amanda who wont let me kiss her cute cheek when she was a baby?Look at you?Im so proud of you on what you and your group achieved.I wonder were you got it?.All I can say is Im the most proudest uncle of yours ever. Keep it up.
    Luv ya

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