beyond our dreams

May 17, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Karen, Trip 2007)

karen-and-orphan.gifWe have only been here one day really and it already has been so full of music, new sights, beautiful, kind people who are here to both give and receive. Samite joined us and brought us into this magical mystery tour – “we are prepared to be unprepared” for everything – open and working together for the same purpose of sharing our music for healing and learning from all around us. We are open, and singing our way into the next adventure. This is already beyond anything expected.



  1. Sydney said,

    I am sooo excited for you ALLLL and love that your keeping a documentary of your experience on the web. i’m enjoying reading all your journaling…. It is truly amazing. Keep sharing all that your learning and experiencing over there!!!! SOAK IT ALL IN! see you all in a week and i can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

  2. Julie said,

    Hi Everyone,

    I have goosebumps as I write to you!

    I am so happy for your opportunity to have this experience. I read all of your comments, and my heart is full of love and pride for each of you.

    With prayers for your safe and happy travel,


  3. Donna Chadwick said,

    Dear Karen and colleagues in the adventure–

    I do so admire your courage and creativity, and recognize what it took for each of you to get to this place….to do such great good. Remember the Doobie Brothers sang, “Music is the doctor of my soul”!

    Live with passion,
    Donna Chadwick

  4. Katherine Walters said,


    I am with you as you write. I could smell the smells and feel the spirit. All sounds well and good. Keep a good journal for yourself and mostly enjoy this incredible experience and culture. Such an opportunity and adventure of the most musical kind. Keep your eyes and heart wide open and remember it all so you can re-tell it when I visit Boston. Sounds like the “trip feeling” in all the best ways!

    Love you so much,

  5. Mary Mehlberg said,

    Karen…How exciting for you!! You are so wonderful. I am just trying to experience your adventure through you writings. It just reinforces what I already know. Music is a powerful thing connecting us all.
    Until I see you again in Alaska, take care of yourself down there and come home safe.
    Love, Mary

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