After Shangilia

May 18, 2007 at 7:44 pm (Beth, Trip 2007)

becky-and-amanda.gifI don’t even know where to start, because I am very overwhelmed from today’s visit to Shangilia orphanage. It was really amazing. The kids were immediately friendly and had huge smiles. There were some shy ones, but even they would come up after a while and just quietly take my hand. They didn’t have much at all. Their soccer ball was actually a plastic grocery bag filled with crumpled paper and bags. There wasn’t much space, and over 200 kids live there. I’ve seen living rooms bigger than the entire facility.
And yet the kids were so hospitable and welcoming to us. They were really eager to show us their school work, their dancing and acrobatics, and to play their music for us.
As amazing and fun as it was today, I am so wiped out. We have a lot more to do, so I know I’m going to be pretty tired by the end of this trip.
I’m off to bed for tonight. Another day at Nyumbani orphanage tomorrow, when we will be meeting most of the kids that weren’t there for our first visit yesterday. Goodnight!


  1. Blythe said,

    Enjoy every moment. You will have time to catch up on sleep when you get home, but don’t get too tired (HALT).


  2. Dad said,

    All the postings remind me of my Peace Corps experience all those many years ago. I echo Bythe’s comment about enjoying the moment and would add “be” in the moment. Experiences like these are life changing and are it’s important to be fully present as the next steps unfold. Mom and I are very happy for you, Beth, and keep in touch either by email of (perhaps better) the “blog”. Love, Dad

  3. MaryAnn/Mom said,

    Hi Beth,
    The trip is sounding like it is taking form! And I cannot wait to hear the One World song……. and I am thinking how each one of you will connect with various children- ones who attach to you, and you to them….and your hearts will be forever touched and changed…..
    It can be overwhelming- makes me think of going with the flow, and riding the wave- as well as getting enough rest and being still inside…..
    My thoughts and love are with you everyday- pondering how the trip is going…..
    love you,
    Kwa heri (is that bye in Swahili? 🙂

  4. Dodie Davis said,

    Hi Beth
    This is my third go round with making an effort at posting so I hope that this goes through. I’m thinking of you many times a day and know that you will be giving lots of your sunshine to many children. It’s such a beautiful and wonderful experience for you and for them. My love to you. Dodie

  5. Jake said,

    I hope you get this. I miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much. This must be such a powerful experience for you. Graduation was yesterday and was very emotional for me. I wish you there 😦
    I love you very much,

  6. Tedi said,

    I’m so happy that this blog is up and running. It’s so nice to read the entries and learn what everyone is experiencing on this trip. I cannot wait to hear stories and see pictures of your trip.
    Registration for the Summer Semester is underway today. So many Pro Shows are scheduled for these next few months that they’re making my summer seem shorter and shorter, and it’s just barely started.
    I’m doing the Time Sheets by myself today… eek. I miss you – haha.
    Anyway, everyone in the BO and FOH is thinking of you. Be safe and enjoy every moment.


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