Beautiful Children

May 18, 2007 at 11:38 pm (Amanda, Trip 2007)

amanda-with-little-girls.gifShangilia… what an amazing place… what beautiful children.

Shangilia is an incredible facility. Mr. Njenga, who is the head of the orphanage is an incredible, compassionate, caring and giving man. They care for over 200 children. Some of them still have families, but their parents are unable to afford to care for them anymore.

We had an incredibly powerful musical experience today. We sang a few songs for the kids after they had performed for us (amazing dancing and singing and drumming– the talent is phenomenal) and then we played them the song that we had written for them the night before. Summer and I played guitar and everyone sang and got the kids involved with movements and singing. Eventually, the kids caught on and while singing, began moving up on the stage to join us. We became a huge group, everyone singing together “We Are One”… It was almost an out of body experience for me. We all felt it– even the littlest of children. It was a moment that went unparalleled for the rest of the day. I know we will have many more.

It’s such a different experience from the last trip, although seeing some of the same kids again is AMAZING. I think the return is important for a lot of these kids– even our group breaking for lunch and actually coming back in the afternoon is a big deal, because so many of them have been abandonded by those who are supposed to care for them the most.

All of us connected with the children… each of us had certian kids that gravitated toward us and would take care of us while we were there, showing us around, teaching us songs, and holding hands. How is it that these children can be so welcoming to strangers? I think a large part of it is the music that we shared together…

I can’t wait to go back…… Things are beautiful here, and are only getting better, day by day.


  1. Eadwine said,

    Reading these entries paints an experience almost too good to be true… I am in awe. As much as I’ve heard from you about your trip last January, I think this is above me to understand. You are so inspiring!!

  2. Tamar said,

    it’s GRACE!!!! (the little girl on your right shoulder!) she was my little companion at shangilia last year – I believe she was only 2 or 3 – and never really talked, but we managed to communicate. Just from this one photo, I can see how she is growing and opening up – the slight smile, the look in her eyes, the way she is leaning on you – wow, Amanda, I wish I could have been there with you. But more than that its so incredible that you WERE there, and with these photos, we are all back with you, with the children, who are the reasons for it all…

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