Connecting with Eric Wainaina

May 20, 2007 at 5:19 am (Karen, Trip 2007)

Yesterday, Samite introduced us to Eric Wainaina, a Kenyan Kora Award-winning singer-songwriter who coincidentially graduated from Berklee a few years back. Eric’s career has taken off and he has become quite popular all over Africa. with-eric-w.gifWe all stopped by his new studio in Nairobi and listened to a soundtrack he is putting together and reflected on days in Boston. He listened to some of the experiences we have had thus far in the orphanages and he offered to join us next week at Shangalia – I can’t imagine the joy that will bring to the children who live there, especially the teenagers.

There is something quite special about this trip – everything about it is new and foreign but there is so much comfort in the music – it is the power of music that serves as an introduction and connects us to each other and to the people we meet. The music composed by the students daily is spontaneous and inspired…and good. Today, we go back to Nyumbani orphanage to work with the children – all of them have been affected by AIDs, have experienced different levels of trauma and many are quite sick – yesterday’s musical exchange brought uplifting energy, group cohesion and positive vibrations.

As the days unfold, I am inspired by the resilency of the human spirit to persevere in the face of adversity – we have such lessons to learn from the children we are working with. It is quite humbling.


  1. Katherine Walters said,


    Just read this entry and find your trip so rejuvenating. It will be so different to be back here in the states after such a life changing experience. But it will only serve you better in your role as an MT at Berklee and in the community. Keep writing and sharing. It is such a treat to read every day.
    Beautiful weather has found us in Alaska and we are loving every second. Be well.


  2. Katie Reifman said,

    This is wonderful. And humbling for me also.

  3. Donna Chadwick said,

    You are THE connector- this is simply the African segment of your opportunity to bring beautiful factions together through music and love.
    Twist and shout!!!!

    Donna Chadwick

  4. marty said,

    this is such a life changing experience for everyone. i know this because
    1. c.d just unloaded the dishwasher
    2. duke has been pacing every night- all night
    3. i am actually writing on a blog

    miss you,

  5. ann said,

    It sounds amazing. All that music. How wonderful.
    And I agree with Marty. This is my first time on a blog.
    Can’t wait to see you.

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