…I’m an Honorary Kenyan!!!!

May 20, 2007 at 7:53 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

I wish I could just send for my son and stay in Kenya for a few months. I am truly inspired to travel more, read more and teach myself and my son about our African roots as well as our African American roots. There is so much rich history in my culture and I scraped the surfaces of this vast knowledge, but now I am inspired to learn more! It was funny today because the children at Nyumbani didn’t believe that I was a black American because they say I look Kenyan. This actually made me feel good, as Kenyans are very proud of their heritage.
It was yet another exciting day… We went to the Massai market and I was able to get some really nice jewelry and gifts for my friends and family back home. Then we went to have lunch and sent Samite off with kind words that we wrote in a card and a song medley that we created in honor of him. He is leaving us today. So we sing for him at the restaurant. It was really touching! Our hearts and souls went into writing the songs and I know that he felt and greatly appreciated it. Although I was sad to see him go, I am excited because I know that this is just the beginning of much work that we will all do together over the years. It is truly a blessing to have met him and to have the opportunity to work with him and share in his vision.
After lunch we headed to Nyumbani and had an awesome time singing and playing with the kids. There is one little boy that his mere presence just blesses my heart! He is really sweet and though he doesn’t seem to smile much, it is nice that God has given me a light that makes him smile. And working with some of the teenage girls was really nice! We wrote a song together and I left them with a CD of instrumentals so that they could work on songs that they already wrote. I can’t wait to go back next week to hear what they’ve created. There are also two young boys who rap and they were excited to get a CD of music that they could rap to! They are really good too! 50 and Jay-Z better watch out. They rap in Swahili!
I am soooo inspired! There is such a great work to do. My vision and purpose has been seeming vague lately. But the space in my heart for it and my ambition to accomplish this purpose is very large. Being here is making the bigger picture come into a clearer focus and it doesn’t look like anything that I imagined in the past. Surrendering to God’s will and purpose for my life is going to be easier after this trip…….
We are going to safari tomorrow! I am excited and scared! I run from flies and mosquitos! What does this city girl know about hippos and buffalo and baboons and chimpanzees?

God Bless!!!


  1. Jeanne Hardy said,

    CONGRATULATIONS on being an honorary Kenyan!! It’s so interesting for each of us to learn about our roots.

    Rapping in Swahili, wow !

    Enjoy the Safari.

  2. Rev. Gwendolyn M. Collins, Ph.D. said,

    Oh, Wyndy, that is so great! They see a true SistaGal in you.
    NaNaNaNa…….Gonna have a Good Time!
    Sharana Comjha. I know, I said this wrong, oh well. ; > ) You know I look like a Nubian queen, which makes my daughters, Nubian princesses.
    Hey, this dude from Java, said I look like I come from Brazil. You know folks always ask us where we are from…….no one ever says USA. That’s because we are soooooo beautiful! See, if we had the money to match our looks and talents, we would be, ump The Black Trumps!!!!!

    Well, God has gifted us with overflowing love and other Gifts, so we will be ready for every task He puts before us.

    I am laughing thinking about you on Safari!\
    Wyndy, do not jump off the bus or van! Do not scream and scare all the animals away! Do not kick the driver in the head nor beat him in his back! Remember what you did to your poor brother, when the bug was in the back seat?

    Tell everyone Mama Gwen says. “Hey!”
    Love Ya!

  3. Jah-Len Amari Jones said,

    I miss you, Mommy! Can I come to the Safari with you?
    Mommy, guess what? Daddy is sick. He said, I can stay with my Grandmama tonight!
    I am so happy. I don’t want to leave my Grandma Gwen and Uncle J. J. and Auntie Ronni!
    I’ll see you in another day. o.k., Mommy?
    I love you, Mommy. I love you very, very much!

  4. Tyrah Sylese Mungo said,

    Hi Auntie Wyndy! I miss you! I’ll see you when you come home from Africa. Do you really want to move away from us? I’ll be sad. I love you, Auntie Wynday. Oh yea, bring me and my sister a present, my cousin, Jah-Len, too.

  5. Belinda said,

    Hey sweetie,

    I am so proud and happy for you! I know this trip is an experience to say the least, but GOD always has a plan. I am glad that you are learning more about yourself musically and otherwise; and what you true destiny is …. unfathomable! “No limits…No Boundaries…” Increase is not necessarily financial every time, but it clearly can also be spiritual.
    I appreciate your growth.

    Please be careful in all things… be aware of your surroundings. I know it’s hot, don’t forget your water… and Black people need sunblock too! LOL! I am praying for you lady.
    Let me know when you get back. I owe you a Graduation gift. ; )

    ~Love B

  6. tovorinok said,


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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