Modesty and Purity

May 20, 2007 at 11:30 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)

The titles of my blog entires reflect the feelings, emotions, and other elemets of the human soul that I am reminded of on the day I am writing. Some of these reminders are necessary because some I feel I lose sight of certain values I hold dear during my daily grind of work, school, and city living. claudia-and-becky-singing-o.gifToday we went back to Nyumbani and spent the afternoon there and I just felt overwhelmed by the children’s modesty and purity. They love to play with you and you can really feel so spread thin sometimes, and they all seem to want your attention at once and you wish that you could give it to them all, all the time, but then you are reminded that you are one person and you can’t, and its humbling. The children performed for us again and it was so beautiful. It is a performance situation you do not find often at Berklee; a performace in which the artists are not doing it for show, but because it comes from so deep down inside them and transcends them to such a beautiful place away from pain and where for those moments, nothing negative can touch them, it can’t get it. They are too filled with love, laughter, and pure music.

Music is my life and I am realizing it more and more when every day I am inspired by it, and inspired and drivento create more of it, becasue unlike many things in this world, there are a few things that there could be more of and one of them is definitely music.


  1. Jane said,

    I had a feeling that this was you, Becky. There is something sacred about music . You know this. The children know it.

    May the lessons the children are sharing with you give you the soft and gentle guidance that we all need as we go through the succeeding years our lives continue to offer us.

    Not everyone is given the privilege of seeing this. Continue to be thankful. Even though I know you are. Know too that we are … because you ARE there.

  2. mom said,

    Hi Becky,
    From your comments, this trip and the experiences are everthing you’d hoped. I play your CD every evening at the library during evening study. The words in AFRICA as you sing the description and meaning to each country are coming to life for you.
    I hope you’re able to relax as you go through these experiences, keeping open to the experience of each moment as it unfolds. It all sounds close to overwhelming. Your grades are wonderful. Quite an achievement, especially along with everything else. I love you. I think of your safe return.
    Love, Mom

  3. Dad said,

    Hi Sweetie,
    I’m sory that I have not written but I was down with a nasty stomach “bug”. It was not a pleasant experience! It seems that each day in Africa is a full life altering experience. The depths of humanity run so fluently through children that we, as adults, can always learn from them. Keep learning each day and bathe yourself in the power and tenderness that these children intend. In this way, they are creating their legacy and contribution to the world.

    I played Gilreins last night and John Acaro sends his best wishes. He is totally in awe of what yu guys are doing and looks forward to seeing you when you return. Be safe and I love you.


  4. Tim said,

    Hi Becky!

    It sounds (I read your entries out loud!) like Africa is everything you were hoping for and then some! I check daily for your entries to see what you have been up to (and to make sure you’re safe). I love reading about your adventures. My heart is flooded with admiration for the little Worcester girl who followed her dreams and made the incredible journey to a foreign land, all in the name of good will! Just thinking about it makes me smile. : ) A will continue to check every day to see what progress you and your troop have been making. These few weeks of hard work and selflessness will yeild a lifetime of rewards, but I don’t have to tell you that. Till I hear from you again (or maybe till I read from you again?)

    Love ya hun!

  5. Lorraine Woods said,

    Are you still looking at this web site?? If so, Happy Birthday which was 2 days ago… I think of you often….I live in NH. now. 253 Pickpocket Road, 2 miles from Julie , John and the Grandkids.. Hank is here with me….Please get in touch if you still look at this site… What a wonderful experience for you,,,, so happy for you…. Love Auntie Lorraine

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