Blending of Beauty and Despair

May 22, 2007 at 7:23 pm (Karen, Trip 2007)

Thanks to all of you who are reading our blog – we feel that we are taking you with us on this powerful experience.

Watching the students at Nyumbani on Sunday was like watching a music therapy laboratory in action where each student brought their own music, style and gifts to the children. As a teacher, it was quite reinforcing to see that what we teach and how the students were able to integrate that knowledge and transfer it to foreign settings worked. The songs that were written, the children’s smiles and joys at being listened to and heard were met with dignity and respect. I am confident that these music therapy students will continue to do well wherever they go.

A day later, we were on the way to Amboseli National Park to go on an African Safari – everywhere you look there are zebras, elephants and other animals you’d never find on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. I feel so lucky to be able experience this abundance and beauty – it balances the work in the orphanages and we are able to experience the immense beauty of Africa – the sun continues to shine brightly on us. We are so lucky.


  1. Jeanne Hardy said,

    This blog is wonderful, it is such a privilege to be with you all on this “powerful experience”.
    Thanks for all you did to help this come to fruition. I am so happy that you are a part of this group.
    It’s so interesting to read your comments from a teacher’s perspective.
    We are also lucky, that you are sharing so much with us. Thank you.

  2. Jane said,

    Karen ….

    By now you know ( and hopefully accept) the mantle of leadership in this endeavor. It isn’t this group, as you are learning as much, if not more, from this virginal experience. It will be the many other young people that you will bring back … again and again.

    It is such an honor to read your entries.

    So, if you need another “cantankerous” ally on your side …. I’m always available. For some reason, I think this need has now passed.

    Isn’t it nice?!

  3. Katherine Walters said,


    Sometimes during the day I just stop and look up from this place so far from you and think about where you are and almost feel like you are on another planet. I think about how different it is there, yet so much the same in terms of human wants and needs. Music seems to always fill the gaps like nothing else can. You can feel how much you all are loving what you do and how much everyone there appreciates your efforts.

    The safari sounded great. Glad you could see another side of Africa. Hope you are taking lots of photos. Can’t wait to talk with you in person.

    Love you lots,

  4. Kenya Safaris said,

    Karen… Kenya is famous for Big five…Hope you have really enjoyed…!

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