….today we cried…..

May 24, 2007 at 7:23 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

…..realizing that we will never be the same. The truth in our face. The call loud and clear. I listened to a sermon by Dr. Creflo Dollar and he said, “The only way that some people will get blessed is through YOU…” Through me. Through us. Our privilege is not for us to run around talking about how privileged we are, but to use it to bless others. To build others up. To bring hope. There is a great work to be done in Kenya and beyond. “Think BIG, but start small”…the Holy Spirit whispers into my soul. As huge as this journey in Kenya seemed, I realize that this is just the beginning… the small part… planning theses trips, raising awareness, benefit concerts, fundraisers. Whatever it takes. I can not turn my back. Its not about saving the world. Its about doing my part. So I continue to pray and seek my creator. I call him God. As a car can’t turn around and tell Henry Ford that it doesn’t want to be a car anymore, I can’t tell God that I don’t want to be his vessel. He knows what he created me for. So I just seek his face regarding this matter. It makes absolutely no sense as to why we turn the corner into this small town, over populated, poor, dirt roads, small children walking the streets alone… into an orphanage that houses 230+ children who used to live on the streets. Who experienced pain and suffering that you couldn’t even imagine. I don’t know their stories. But their eyes say much…. Yet they sing with such joy and hope.

becky-and-wyndy-dancing-on.gifThey dance with such pride! In the music therapy major, we learn about clinical music. Here, we see no separation from clinical use of music and music as a whole. Here, music is therapy. When a van full of boys who were taking in from the streets can come up to us and greet us with songs about Jesus and dance with us in the parking lot… I say it goes without saying, and music therapy is happening without credentials. It is sooo amazing to see all that I’ve learned in undergrad, happening without any effort on my part. You just have to go with it….


  1. Donna Chadwick said,

    Dear Wyndy,
    Your entry is very important. The concept of music being uncategorizable/indivisible (performance, therapy, expression, worship, communication, etc) in Kenya is such an awakening compared to general US culture.
    And the quote from Dr. Dollar’s sermon “the only way that some people will get blessed is through you” touched me deeply. I’m so glad you included it.
    Donna Chadwick

  2. Reverand Doctor Mom said,

    Hi, Gwyndolyn Jr. ! You know, I feel you, deep inside. You are continuing to awaken to what the Lord wants you to do. You seven children were Blessed in my womb. You each have ministries to reach folks for our Lord. You will do some things individually, other things, collectively. The Bottom Line, continuing the amazing work of a family tradition of helping win souls for Christ, via music, visual arts, writing, counseling, teaching, praying, ministries of helps, preaching. See, that Satan knows all of this. He has tried to stop it via numerous avenues. Ump, Momma taught me how to pray and to hold on to the legacy, no matter what. As I said many times, “You children can’t run from your callings. You can’t do what other young folks do and get by!” So the ‘Dollar’ had you shaking, huh? Good!
    Tell everyone hell-o! I enjoy reading highlights from each of you! Hey, I am actually on the computer everyday……….see, you must be special to me or something like that!
    In Prayer and Love,
    Momma Cutie Buns ; > )

  3. Reverand Doctor Mom said,

    Evangelist Jacobs sends her love! She is leaving next Tuesday>

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