reflect and reflect

May 25, 2007 at 11:04 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)

I’m at the point where I dont know what to say. I start to write and then erase because it is not coming out the way i want it to, but perhaps that is because there are no words to describe what we are going through here. Just like the pictures I took on safari at Amboseli do not do the land, the Masai, the animals, or Mt Kilimanjaro and justice, the way in which i want to describe my recent experiences with the children can not be put into words, at least not right now. Perhaps after I get home and reflect and reflect and reflect some more.

Today started off wonderfully with a walk in Nairobi’s beautiful arboretum. It was very peaceful there and for that peace I am grateful. We then went to Shangilia, this is our third visit, and it was amazing. I played the guitar, we recorded in the studio there, and we played and sang with the children, which is always the best. Also, Eric Wainaina, a Berklee grad and famous musician in Kenya joined us to record and perform for the children, who were in awe that a Kenyan superstar was in their presence.

Tomorrow we are recording early in Eric’s studio and then performing as a group at the Splash festival in a park in Nairobi. About 2,000-3,000 people will be there and I can not wait. It will be very exciting. So, I am going to get some rest before a long day tomorrow and I will write more when I find the words.

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