A hard goodbye

May 27, 2007 at 7:24 pm (Beth, Trip 2007)

Today was our last day at Nyumbani. It was so hard. I can’t really explain it right now because I am so numb and overwhelmed. Miriam and I connected with some of the teenage girls there, and we wrote a song that we recorded at a professioal studio yesterday. It was hard saying bye to them today.

I’m pretty tired right now, so there’s not much brain function happening. This entry is mainly just to say hi and that things are good, intense, hard, sad, frustrating, amazing, heartbreaking, bittersweet, happy, funny, tragic, and beautiful.


  1. Jake said,

    I know how hard it will be to process all of what you are going through. I am so excited for you and I am feeling your emotions as you describe them. I am also afraid. I want to let you know that as powerful as your connection is to the people there, you will find just as much love and support when you return. I’m sure that your powerful effect on the children there is the same as your overwhelmingly positive effect on my life. I can’t wait to hear everything. I’m not sure who is more depressed about your absence, me or minnie. It has been a very difficult couple of weeks for me in so many ways and I am so drained. I am counting the hours until you return and I know I will be indescribably reenergized just by seeing you. I love you very much.

  2. Tedi said,

    Hi Beth,
    Just checking the blog today… it’s so nice to see some pictures posted while you’re still abroad. I’m sure they only capture a fregment of the the memories you’ve created.

    I hope your trip back is a good one – I know it’s a long way to fly!!


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