Back to Boston

June 1, 2007 at 5:55 pm (Amanda, Trip 2007)


Being back is very strange… I think all of us are feeing a disconnect from our surroundings, trying to process what we experienced and handle the how much we are missing the kids.

What an amazing experience… This trip surpassed all of our expectations, and I think our lives have all been changed forever.

To everyone who has been keeping up with us and has been so supportive throughout this whole experience, we will be working on a report to send you, as well as the music that we recorded with the kids.

I miss Benjamin horribly… I can’t stop seeing his sweet little face… and I’ve been reading all the letters that I got from the girls at Shangilia over and over… now that we’ve had the experience, we have to move forward and continue to DO and make our experience into a continuing process…. we can’t stop here, and we won’t…


  1. Amanda Jones said,

    Hello! My friend, Jenna Logue, sent me the link to this site and I read it all without stopping…and while I will only comment once, it is for all of you. I am amazed by your experience, not by the experience itself, but by your abilities to bring me there…even a teeny, tiny bit, from Binghamton, NY, all the way, as one writer wrote to way way way far away. I felt like I was experiencing it with you, playing with those beautiful children, holding their hands and sharing my rings as well. I felt like I was writing songs and singing them, attending masses, and having little butts on my lap, bouncing, and giggling. It must have been so difficult for you to leave them – I know it was – after all, it was the single most common experience you all had – and that you all want to go back! You made ME want to go back and I never went! 🙂 I am so proud of you all for sharing in such an inspirational experience and for touching a lowly social work student from Upstate New York and for bringing a bit of Africa with you home. Thank you so much. And let me know when you go back. Never know when they need a good social worker and by then, I’ll be one! 😉 Take care and keep making music. Let me know when it comes out! I’ll be your first sale.

  2. Beth Longwell said,

    I hope you got moved out of your place safely and have some time to relax and rest. I can’t wait until you’re in Boston and we can all get together again. I had a really good time with you on the trip, and I’m glad you were there to share your knowledge and experience with me and all of us.

  3. Tita Erie said,

    Hi, Manding,

    I watched the video and saw how music works its magic with the kids and adults. I am so proud of you. Thanks for sharing the video and the photos.

    I hope you are okey. It is always so hard to come back after an experience like that.
    And it does not really matter if you this was your second trip there and back.

    Yakap ng marami.
    Tita Erie

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