reflect and reflect

May 25, 2007 at 11:04 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)

I’m at the point where I dont know what to say. I start to write and then erase because it is not coming out the way i want it to, but perhaps that is because there are no words to describe what we are going through here. Just like the pictures I took on safari at Amboseli do not do the land, the Masai, the animals, or Mt Kilimanjaro and justice, the way in which i want to describe my recent experiences with the children can not be put into words, at least not right now. Perhaps after I get home and reflect and reflect and reflect some more.

Today started off wonderfully with a walk in Nairobi’s beautiful arboretum. It was very peaceful there and for that peace I am grateful. We then went to Shangilia, this is our third visit, and it was amazing. I played the guitar, we recorded in the studio there, and we played and sang with the children, which is always the best. Also, Eric Wainaina, a Berklee grad and famous musician in Kenya joined us to record and perform for the children, who were in awe that a Kenyan superstar was in their presence.

Tomorrow we are recording early in Eric’s studio and then performing as a group at the Splash festival in a park in Nairobi. About 2,000-3,000 people will be there and I can not wait. It will be very exciting. So, I am going to get some rest before a long day tomorrow and I will write more when I find the words.


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Modesty and Purity

May 20, 2007 at 11:30 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)

The titles of my blog entires reflect the feelings, emotions, and other elemets of the human soul that I am reminded of on the day I am writing. Some of these reminders are necessary because some I feel I lose sight of certain values I hold dear during my daily grind of work, school, and city living. claudia-and-becky-singing-o.gifToday we went back to Nyumbani and spent the afternoon there and I just felt overwhelmed by the children’s modesty and purity. They love to play with you and you can really feel so spread thin sometimes, and they all seem to want your attention at once and you wish that you could give it to them all, all the time, but then you are reminded that you are one person and you can’t, and its humbling. The children performed for us again and it was so beautiful. It is a performance situation you do not find often at Berklee; a performace in which the artists are not doing it for show, but because it comes from so deep down inside them and transcends them to such a beautiful place away from pain and where for those moments, nothing negative can touch them, it can’t get it. They are too filled with love, laughter, and pure music.

Music is my life and I am realizing it more and more when every day I am inspired by it, and inspired and drivento create more of it, becasue unlike many things in this world, there are a few things that there could be more of and one of them is definitely music.

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Inspiration and Strength

May 19, 2007 at 8:09 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)

Today we went to Nyumbani, an orphanage that houses only HIV positie orphans. It was founded in the mid 1990’s by Father D’Agostino, a Catholic priest from Long Island. He built up the the orphanage from a rented space with three children to now a well built, run, and organized facility with on site diagnostic treatment center and hospital that houses 96 children. There is a definite difference between the groups of children from Shangilia and Nyumbani, as all the children in Nyumbani have AIDS and not all children in Shangilia do. We were greeted with music and dance in one of the school houses and then we did a music exchange with the children, but we also just played with them in the playground, which was amazing. They crave love and attention and can’t wait to show you different tricks that they can do on the jungle gym and monkey bars and it is absolutely priceless to see how happy they get when you show that you are proud of them. Both these orphanages are unique in their own ways, and both equally special. I can’t want for tomorrow when we go back and give the kids the guitar pick necklaces that we made for them!

Love, becky

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Positive Vibrations

May 18, 2007 at 6:33 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)


Dear All,
Today was our first day in Shangilia orphanage in Kangemi. It was a humbling, overwhelming, and absolutely amazing experience. We exchanged music and dancing with the children and taught eachother many things. We had clinics in which we taught eachohther different cultural songs and expressions through movement. The children welcomed up with open arms and are such beautiful little people with so much to offer, so driven and motivated to change the world and live life to the fullest. They all truly inspire me.

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May 17, 2007 at 6:40 pm (Becky, Trip 2007)


Hello All,

I am writing from Nairobi, Kenya. We made it here safely and were warmly welcomed. Today we went to Nyumbani orphanage and exchanged music with a select few children, for most were in school today. We are traveling to Shangilia tomorrow and back to Nyumbani for a performance and music exchange on Saturday. We will keep everyone posted, thanks for reading!

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