….today we cried…..

May 24, 2007 at 7:23 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

…..realizing that we will never be the same. The truth in our face. The call loud and clear. I listened to a sermon by Dr. Creflo Dollar and he said, “The only way that some people will get blessed is through YOU…” Through me. Through us. Our privilege is not for us to run around talking about how privileged we are, but to use it to bless others. To build others up. To bring hope. There is a great work to be done in Kenya and beyond. “Think BIG, but start small”…the Holy Spirit whispers into my soul. As huge as this journey in Kenya seemed, I realize that this is just the beginning… the small part… planning theses trips, raising awareness, benefit concerts, fundraisers. Whatever it takes. I can not turn my back. Its not about saving the world. Its about doing my part. So I continue to pray and seek my creator. I call him God. As a car can’t turn around and tell Henry Ford that it doesn’t want to be a car anymore, I can’t tell God that I don’t want to be his vessel. He knows what he created me for. So I just seek his face regarding this matter. It makes absolutely no sense as to why we turn the corner into this small town, over populated, poor, dirt roads, small children walking the streets alone… into an orphanage that houses 230+ children who used to live on the streets. Who experienced pain and suffering that you couldn’t even imagine. I don’t know their stories. But their eyes say much…. Yet they sing with such joy and hope.

becky-and-wyndy-dancing-on.gifThey dance with such pride! In the music therapy major, we learn about clinical music. Here, we see no separation from clinical use of music and music as a whole. Here, music is therapy. When a van full of boys who were taking in from the streets can come up to us and greet us with songs about Jesus and dance with us in the parking lot… I say it goes without saying, and music therapy is happening without credentials. It is sooo amazing to see all that I’ve learned in undergrad, happening without any effort on my part. You just have to go with it….


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…I’m an Honorary Kenyan!!!!

May 20, 2007 at 7:53 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

I wish I could just send for my son and stay in Kenya for a few months. I am truly inspired to travel more, read more and teach myself and my son about our African roots as well as our African American roots. There is so much rich history in my culture and I scraped the surfaces of this vast knowledge, but now I am inspired to learn more! It was funny today because the children at Nyumbani didn’t believe that I was a black American because they say I look Kenyan. This actually made me feel good, as Kenyans are very proud of their heritage.
It was yet another exciting day… We went to the Massai market and I was able to get some really nice jewelry and gifts for my friends and family back home. Then we went to have lunch and sent Samite off with kind words that we wrote in a card and a song medley that we created in honor of him. He is leaving us today. So we sing for him at the restaurant. It was really touching! Our hearts and souls went into writing the songs and I know that he felt and greatly appreciated it. Although I was sad to see him go, I am excited because I know that this is just the beginning of much work that we will all do together over the years. It is truly a blessing to have met him and to have the opportunity to work with him and share in his vision.
After lunch we headed to Nyumbani and had an awesome time singing and playing with the kids. There is one little boy that his mere presence just blesses my heart! He is really sweet and though he doesn’t seem to smile much, it is nice that God has given me a light that makes him smile. And working with some of the teenage girls was really nice! We wrote a song together and I left them with a CD of instrumentals so that they could work on songs that they already wrote. I can’t wait to go back next week to hear what they’ve created. There are also two young boys who rap and they were excited to get a CD of music that they could rap to! They are really good too! 50 and Jay-Z better watch out. They rap in Swahili!
I am soooo inspired! There is such a great work to do. My vision and purpose has been seeming vague lately. But the space in my heart for it and my ambition to accomplish this purpose is very large. Being here is making the bigger picture come into a clearer focus and it doesn’t look like anything that I imagined in the past. Surrendering to God’s will and purpose for my life is going to be easier after this trip…….
We are going to safari tomorrow! I am excited and scared! I run from flies and mosquitos! What does this city girl know about hippos and buffalo and baboons and chimpanzees?

God Bless!!!

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……and we keep moving…..

May 19, 2007 at 10:23 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

circle1.gifYet another amazing day! It is difficult to sum it all up in words. My emotions are on overdrive, but my spirits are definitely inspired! I’m realizing more and more that this trip is just a small seed that is going to continue to grow….. This mission is sooooo much bigger than I can even imagine. And I am excited to see how it all unfolds and how God is going to use each of us to make a difference…. back in the US, in Africa, and all over the world!
We visited Nyumbani Hospice for children with HIV/AIDS. Although it was our second visit, it felt like the first, because all of the children were home. This home gets a lot of support and its a very beautiful space, with lots of room for the children to run around and play. And of course I was running around and flipping and swinging right along with them. We played in the playground and exchanged songs. These kids danced and sing for us just like the kids a Shangilia. For a moment, you are engaged and enjoying the laughter of the babes and you forget that they have this disease.
I’m excited to go back tomorrow and take picture and get to know them more. I especially hope to reach out to the older children….
Oh yeah… they have pigs and geese and chickens and pets on ground. Its really cool. I never saw a pig before! They are cute, but they really stink! lol

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May 18, 2007 at 8:38 pm (Trip 2007, Wyndy)

I am completely humbled…. The people are amazing, the children shine God’s light! They have so little (in the material sense), yet their spirits are full. They are loving, compassionate and welcoming. And these young children are soooo gifted! Our group dynamic is incredible, as God is showing all of us that we really have no control, except to SURRENDER. We have all become instruments….. and the music is uplifting and unifying…. This is only day 2….

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